It's like it was written for me - Cooking for Geeks

When I was approached to help out with a pre Christmas sales drive for a cookbook I became a complete giddy kipper. I can’t lie.  It’s the sort of PR gig I’ve been waiting for, particularly as food is a real passion of mine. 

I soon discovered that this book was unlike any other.  It’s not the typical glossy cookbook that adorns the supermarket shelves and it is all the better for it.  It’s an unusual combination of science textbook meets cooking-how to guide and it’s name Cooking for Geeks perfectly captures the audience its meant for.

If you have an appetite (pardon the pun) for knowing the answers to how and why then you’ll love this book as much as I do.  Within its 400 plus pages you’ll find countless recipes (including 30 second chocolate cake), laboratory tests so you can put Jeff’s scientific explanations to the test, and interviews with various culinary experts and scientific whizzes.

‘Cooking for Geeks’ teaches science using cooking and it’s that point which has really captured my attention and interest.  I know that I would have enjoyed science far more at school if it had been in the content of something much more relevant and familar, that of food and cooking, a love affair that was in full swing by the time I was a high school

Cooking for Geeks answers questions like ‘how do your sense of taste and smell work?’ and ‘how does heat change our foods?’ questions which, until this book landed on my desk, I wouldn’t have stood a hope of answering (to be truthful I might have to read the chapter again to be able to recount the info successfully, but you the get the idea).

With most of my time dedicated to putting the book in the hands of reviewers and Christmas gift guide writers I can’t pretend that I’ve read it cover to cover.  In fact I’ve been doing what a lot of the reviewers seem to have done, dipping in and out of chapters and finding little nuggets along the way.  I’ll be using some of the Christmas break to really delve into the book and will certainly be trying the sourdough starter first.

The book is available from all online retailers including Amazon  plus major high street retailers.